Saturday, July 9, 2011

the computer has died....

I'm on my Mom's computer right now, because lady's and gents. My computer has officially died.... :( so that is why I haven't posted anything which I am really sad about.... well that is my lame excuse hopefully I get a new computer soon!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


"A Picture of something that makes you laugh"
So this picture makes me laugh every time I see it. I will let you in on the funny story behind it......

My friend Emily and I agreed to go with our friend Brady up to an "audition" in Salt Lake. After that we decided we wanted to stay up in Salt Lake because we don't go up very often. I wanted to show them this place that is called "the view", unfortunately police like to make sure people can't go up there so that was a bust. On the bright side it is right next to Ensign park so we decided to make a stop. Brady had his camera so when we got to the top of the stairs we found a good place to put the camera and brady set the camera to take 10 pictures at a time. That's where the picture above came from. It's funny because there was no music and we were just dancing around. I personally love this picture out of all of them because Emily looks like she's holding me up, but it was just the angle and dance moves we were doing at the time. After our pictures we started to walk back to the car. We noticed some sketchy people about 50 yards away so we were kind of hurrying and then Brady whispered "They are following us" of course he was kidding but being the insanely gullible person that I am, I freaked out and started running to his car. Both of them followed me and we jumped in and as we did Brady yelled "They really are coming!" as soon as I heard that I started screaming and told Brady to DRIVE! After we all settled down we realized we were hungry so we stared to drive to downtown. Looking to our right there was the capital building and instead of turning left we went straight, bad idea. Right after you pass the capital it's like a roller coaster and that road is the 90 degree death road coaster! It was so scary! We got to the bottom safely and continued our search for food. Eventually we decided on Denny's. While we were waiting on our food we decided to take some more pictures. Right as Brady was snapping a picture our waiter came up with a stern look and said "you are not aloud to take pictures in here" and then started laughing. we were totally embarrassed but then realized it was just a joke. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful, pretty much just the drive home and then to bed. It was a very fun night!

Friday, June 17, 2011


"A picture of your most treasured item" 
I know this might look selfish, but thats ok ;)
My body is my most treasured item. I treasure it everyday by exercising and trying to eat right. I also think it's equally important to be careful not to do anything to crazy to my body, because I plan on having it for a very long time!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


"A picture of someone you would love to trade places with for a day"

I love this woman. She is an amazing person and I hope and can be like her someday. If I could trade her places for just one day...oh man the things I would do... #1 on my list would be to donate money to all the charities I could ( I know she does that anyway it would just be nice if I could decide where it goes ) # 2 would be to take ALL my Oprah powers and put it all into informing people about going green, Save the planet! and making it a law to recycle ( yeah I know it's out there ) # 3 would be to enjoy all the stuff that comes with being famous. What an awesome day that would be....

Monday, June 13, 2011


"A picture of your favorite memory"
It is absolutely impossible to narrow down only one favorite memory. I have A MILLION! To be honest  though, the very first favorite memories that come to mind are the summers when I was young. When my whole family and My family's best friends the Toltons would go to Cherry Hill and Lagoon together. When I would spend everyday, all day outside playing in the fields with Brady, and of course all the trips my family and I took together. I truly had an amazing childhood and I am eternally grateful for it. I don't know how long it takes to become a memory but I also have a few recent favorite memories as well. Getting married is definitely one of them, being in and graduating cosmetology school, and getting my 2 puppies. So here is just a few pictures of some of my most favorite memories.
 Cherry Hill

Lagoon with Stef

Virginia Beach
Snorkeling in the Bahamas
Rylee & Roycee
Our Wedding Day

Sunday, June 12, 2011


"A picture of you at night"
I was told to do a pose and this is what I did... it was a pretty fun night.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


"A picture of the cast of your favorite T.V. show"
Well I have 7 all time favorite T.V. shows, so it was hard to decide which one to put up here. I will mention them all and then put the picture up of my favorite. It's my favorite at the moment anyway. So here is the list, it will change probably tomorrow, but for now it's in order from my bottom favorite to the top favorite.
7- Firefly
6- Robin Hood (BBC) 
5- Pretty Little Liars 
4- Grey's Anatomy
3- Prison Break
and # 1 is..........
This show is my very favorite right now! it's very well blended with comedy and supernatural LOVE IT!